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Dispensing Technology

Pump Technology VDispenser

DATRON’s VDispenser was especially developed for industrial adhesive, sealing or EMC applications and convinces by its high efficiency and volume constancy. The systems work independently of pressure and viscosity, so that a readjustment of process parameters due to changes in production conditions is unnecessary.

Transitions & docking points

■ Clean start/stop points due to ramp-shaped transition
■ No material spreading due to special wiping/elimination strategies
■ Consistent starting and ending points without (unwanted) thickening

Speed & volume independent

■ Short cycle times due to the possibility of acceleration and deceleration
■ Consistent dispensing cross-sections (volumes ) , even with changing dispensing speeds
■ Volume changes easily programmable via software

Temperature and viscosity-independent: regardless of varying production conditions

■ Consistent dispensing volumes, even at different temperatures
■ Constant material discharge even with viscosity variations
■ Unchanged production process even in case of compressed air variations

Extremely easy handling & short set-up times

■ Changing of pump and gears within a few minutes
■ Change of material within a few minutes
■ Programming via CAD/CAM system
■ Innovative ideas for clamping technology



  • Hotmelts (hot-melt adhesives) - used in automotive manufacturing, electrical engineering, furniture manufacturing and the textile industry.
  • Grouting - resin systems used for casting, encapsulating or embedding electronic components.Used in electrical engineering and electronics, mechanical engineering, mold making and the cable industry. Form in Place (FIP)
  • Sealing - liquid seal used instead of gaskets for plastic and metal housings and assemblies for electronics, automotive, telecommunication and consumer or household goods.
  • Bonding - automated gluing used in all industrial sectors - automobile, aerospace, shipbuilding, food, medical, hygiene and electronics.



Silicone, polyamides, polyurethane or polvoefine (reactive or non-reactive), oven- and room-temperature hardening epoxy-resin systems, polybutadiene, MS polymers (MS=modified silane), POP hybrid polymers, 1-component sealants, adhesives, casting material, EMC shields, hotmelts and abrasive materials.


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